Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine flu influenza ( A[ H1N1 & H3N2] influenza virus ) is a respiratory disease by the influenza virus causing Swine flu influenza ( A[ H1N1 & H3N2] influenza virus ) is a respiratory disease by the influenza virus causing infection in the respiratory tract of pigs leading to:

Swine Flu Symptoms
● Insalubrious appetite
● Nasal Secretions
● Abnormal behavior and responsiveness.

Influenza virus (cross-species of this virus affects humans with swine flu and swines with human flu) is contagious and can be easily transmitted to human through touching objects which are dirty and may possibly contain influenza virus
Sneezing releases thousand of bacteria and viruses which is the most common way of spreading

The first time occurrence if swine flu was in Mexico, U.S. in 2009. This pandemic caused hundreds of people to lose their lives.

Symptoms of influenza virus Causing cold and fever |  Symptoms Of  Kidney Failure

swine flu symptoms

  •  Influenza virus causes intense fever (greater than 100°F)
  •  Cough
  •  Nasal Secretions
  •  Fatigue and headache due to nasal secretions and unable to breathe properly.
  •  Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting
  •  Sore throat

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■ The incubation period of influenza virus is one to four days, which simply means it aggravates with time if not treated well

■ Swine Flu Symptoms are not sudden or overnight in swine flu but in a week or less, develops. For some both starts showing and experiencing late and so does it lasts longer.
In the normal time span of nine to 10 days, this disease is cured, may either take some more time considering immunity

Vaccination is the best way to prevent or it reduces the chances of getting infected in the contagious period of 10 to 14 days.

swine flu symptoms

■ Zanamivir (Relenza), Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Peramivir (Rapivab) are the quick antiviral agents that help to reduce the effects of this disease.
Consulting a doctor is the must for the serious complicated symptoms of this disease. One of which is pneumonia.

Rehydration drinks, clear juices, and proper rest helps in basic reliefs.

The best method of dealing with influenza virus is to prevent it. The saying ‘prevention is better than cure; is well likely adapted and with this hand sanitizing methods and staying away from infected people should be preferred.

swine flu symptoms

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■ Just like the poliomyelitis virus affecting anyone, the swine flu virus is another human virus and annual vaccination can prevent it. The basic process is the use of attenuated or half-dead or trans mutates virus of the very same kind to kill the active affecting viruses.

swine flu symptoms

Weaker the immunity, more the chances of getting affected as in children and senior citizens. Another risk factor is for people with compromised immunity suffering from diseases such as AIDS or pregnant woman who direly needs immunity to keep the offspring healthy

As soon as it started to show Swine Flu Symptoms just consult your doctor.

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