Put on the Pounds with the Best Foods for Weight Gain

There’s a lot of talk these days about foods that help us lose weight. While most of it is due to the high number of obese and overweight people, there are also a lot of people at the other end of the spectrum; people who are just too underweight. Overweight people might get more attention than them, but their conditions are just as serious.

If you are one of those underweight people, and want to undergo a transformation from being skinny to healthy in a matter of months, here are a few foods you should definitely consume.


Milk is an essential part of our diet in the early stages of our lives, as it is rich in numerous minerals and vitamins, and also has its fair share of carbs, fats, and proteins. Even though milk has so much nutritional value, for one reason or the other, a lot of people stop consuming it after a certain stage in their lives.

However, milk is one of the best foods for weight gain, and it has been used for muscle building purposes for ages. A glass of it along with a meal and another glass post-exercise would be perfect for anyone who wants to gain weight.

Red Meats

Red meats have a faced a lot of criticism due to some of their adverse effects on human health, but if you consume them in moderation, they could help you gain weight really fast. Red meats contain a high percentage of acids like creatine and leucine, which are perfect for adding muscle mass to your body, and their high calorie count ensures that your weight goes up too.

Several studies have concluded that red meat consumption, along with regular exercise, can help people to gain not just mass and weight, but strength as well.

Dried Fruit

For vegetarians, red meats are just not an option to gain weight. Any kind of dried fruit however, is a great alternative from them. Dried fruits typically have a lot of sugar content, and while this does not really make them very suitable for weight loss, it is absolutely ideal for weight gaining. What makes them a popular choice is the fact that they are easily available, and the fact that they taste amazing.

Dried fruits are not just about their sugar content; they are immensely rich in anti-oxidants and micronutrients that offer a wide range of nutritional benefits.


Avocados are some of the most special fruits in the world. They are significantly rich in healthy fats, and while that makes them a great option as far as gaining weight is concerned, they are also the fruit of choice for many people looking to lose weight. The fruit’s fats and nutrients, along with its minerals and vitamins, ensure that you gain weight without losing out on nutrition.

Avocados can be consumed on their own. But if you are one of those people who doesn’t really like the taste of the fruit, feel free to add it to meals.

Peanut Butter

You should definitely make the switch from regular butter to peanut butter if you want to see yourself putting on the pounds in a healthy manner. Be sure to buy authentic peanut butter, as a tablespoon of real peanut butter contains 4 grams of protein and almost 100 calories, along with a host of other nutrients like Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and magnesium.

Nowadays, peanut butter is available in a lot of varieties. Some of those varieties may not be completely natural, and those varieties are best left avoided. For natural weight gain, trust only authentic peanut butter.

Consume the aforementioned foods regularly, and you would be sure to say goodbye to your underweight state!

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