It is Time to Increase Your Stamina & Endurance

Time to Increase Your Stamina

When a distance you feel challenging or impossible starts feeling to be easy and simple, it is a sign that you have extended your running stamina as well as endurance. No, that does not mean that a marathon will feel easy to you, however, there will be a day you will look back & notice that what you find difficult will now feel much easier. 

Stamina increases from regular running, that is, running numerous times a week for many weeks to acquire fitness, but there are no quick fixes if you wish to increase your running stamina. It generally takes 10 days to 4 weeks to get advantage from running. 

Before you start planning on increasing your running stamina, firstly you require to set a decent assignment of your current aerobic base & then build on that. 

Whether you are a new runner wishing to complete your very first 5,000 or a professional runner planning to increase your stamina for the final stages of the marathon as well as avoid hitting the wall, always remember- the rule of ‘too much too soon’ is just true!! Yes, doing too much too soon will lead to injury and even overtraining.

Here is a list to help you to increase your running stamina as well as endurance: 


1. Long Run 

Either you need to increase your run by 5 to 10 minutes or sum up 0.8 – 1.6 km (0.5 – 1 mile) every time. It may not sound like much however it starts to sum up. You should do your long run slowly & that too at a sustainable pace. Most people try to run their long run very fast & end up struggling to complete strong. Hence, always go slow & stay focussed to cover the distance. Remember, your speed will follow the endurance. 


2. Be Regular 

In order to increase your aerobic capacity & run farther than you can today, you require to train yourself on a regular basis. Regular training will help you to build your aerobic base, boost your aerobic ability as well as strengthen your muscles. 

When you start to add additional runs to your week, make sure they should be easy & slow as speed follows endurance! One should always aim for 3-4 sessions a week for 30 minutes or more. Set a goal to make one of these sessions your long run where you plan to go farther than any of your other runs that week.


3. Consume for Endurance 

Say yes to carbs! As a runner, one should focus more on carbs. Yes, you read it right! You should make 55 per cent – 65 per cent of your calorie consumption from carbs.

You do not require to eat a lot of pasta at every meal, however, be a little attentive of your carb consumption & make sure it is complementary to your training. 


4. Tempo Runs- Yes!! 

These runs are typically run over a shorter distance, however at a high pace than at which one normally trains. This helps your body to quickly clear lactic acid from the bloodstream, which means one will be able to run longer before fatigue & lactic acid builds up as well as slows you down. This will also help in easy running pace/planned race pace feel comparatively easy. This run is the key to improve your running speed.

Tempo runs should never be an all-out effort that will gasp for breath! Instead, it should be a challenging pace that you can maintain over the duration of your run.

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