How To Get Better At Pull Ups

How To Get Better At Pull Ups

Get Better At Pull Ups: Well, times change and so does the body with time. If you figure out your body, you will come to know that pull-ups will give you some benefits. Once you start doing it, you will definitely fall in love with pull ups. If you want to know how to get started with your first pull up or get better at them, this is the right article for you.

Get Better At Pull Ups


Ten tools that can help you get better at pull ups

Hanging | Get Better At Pull Ups

If you are planning to pull yourself up by hanging, you should better learn how to hang first of all. For many people, holding on to anything and hanging the most challenging part of the pull-ups. A strong grip will always lead to a strong upper body and for that, you will get your hands on the bar and hang.


Try to hang on the bar as long as possible. If your grip is strong enough, try thick bar hangs, two finger hangs, one finger hangs, one arm hangs and so on. The more challenging things you will do, the more better you will be at pull ups. You can also try weighing yourself or changing your leg positions

Scapular | Get Better At Pull Ups

Those people who have trouble in activating their lats, scap pull ups are good for them. It is an excellent way to learn how to start a pull up with your lats and make back stronger for pulling by hanging with straight arms and then pull shoulder blades down your back.

Batwings | Get Better At Pull Ups

Dan John is the one from whom I came to know about batwings. Importantly, you have to lie down on a bench on your stomach with a heavy dumbbell in each hand.

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Now, pull them up with the intention of touching your hands to your armpits and for more than 5 seconds, squeeze your shoulders. This is a great way to increase the pulling strength.

Bottoms-Up Holds and Presses | Get Better At Pull Ups

Bottoms-up kettlebell work increases the strength of crush grip, core strength and shoulder ability which will give the edge you need for increasing your pull up strength.


If you want to do a good pull up, you will need to create a gymnastic-type “hollow” position with your body. They give you some excellent abdominal strength. Shove your lower spine in the ground from lying down position and try to remove the air between lumbar and floor. Stick legs together and lock knees and now, lift your shoulders and legs a bit off the floor and put your arms straight in a line behind your ears. Hold on like that as long as you can. Try to maintain the position and move back and fro for challenging yourself.

Reverse Bananas pull ups

From a push-up position, tuck your tailbone and hands should be in front of you for as far as you can. Hold.

Ground pull ups

Assume your banana position on the ground and grab a bar at height. Now, pull shoulder blades down to spine and maintain that position. Pull the body up so that you are at the throat level with bar. Lather, rinse, repeat.



Isometrics are good for building strength. Do weighted holds in your weakest areas for pull-ups. This is very useful for strengthening yourself for heavier pulls



The only negative you need in a workout. Use a step or jump so that you get your chin above the bar. Start with throat level first. Hold it for some seconds and lower slowly till you have your arms straight.

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Partner-Assisted pull ups

If you can’t get your pull up just fine, get yourself a partner to help you. Tell them to support you from behind the ribs and make sure that you maintain proper pull-up form.

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