Chest and Back Workout

3 Week Chest and Back Workout

Chest and Back Workout: Are you bored of doing simple exercises for one part of your body? Want to mix things up? Then, try this chest and back workouts that are inspired by none other than Arnold. With four separate super sets for training opposing chest and back, these are not the regular super sets. This is a whole new level. Every chest exercise will be accompanied with the back exercise and will be followed by back exercises and will continue to alter between them with no or very less rest in between until you are done with the five sets each. After five sets are done, only two minutes of a the break will be allowed. After the break, we will proceed to the chest exercise and with it, the back exercise. Repeat the same alternating way for 5 sets without any rest or minimal rest.

Chest and Back Workout

You know, chest and back training on the same day can provide you some really awesome benefits in comparison to that old bodybuilding style where you used to split the exercises for chest and back for different days. They are:

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Advantage of Longer rest periods between the sets | Chest and Back Workout

You just have to take minimal or no rest when you are doing exercises for chest and back together and a total 5 minutes rest between the sets of next exercises. That can help you in performing the sets really well and gain more than the usual and get tired easily.

Chest Workout

A combination of two major muscles for working out once can be challenging and fun too. A lot of your energy will be used and you will really have to push yourself further. That can also lead to a long workout but there are some things that should be cut down.

Chest and back workout

First, Incline Bench Press

5 x 8-10, 1 x 20

Second, Barbell Rows

5 x 10-12, 1 x 20

Decline Bench Press

5 x 8-10, 1 x 20

Lat Pull downs for last

5 x 10-12, 1 x 20

Do these alternating chest and back | Chest and Back Workout

The alternating chest and back will work nicely as it gives you a well rounded and full pump in your body above the waist. In conclusion, you will feel like you have grown from all the angles of your upper body.

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Back Workout

This will also help you in giving proper energy to every muscle that has worked out. If you tried doing chest and back exercises alone, your other muscles except for the ones that are working  will get less stimulated and will end up getting tired. Doing chest and back exercises together will give attention to most of the part of the body. A chest and back workout are not so much different from during a leg workout. You are training quads and hamstrings with legs which are the front and back only.

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More sets and 20 rep sets | Chest and Back Workout

Choose only two exercises for back and chest each and do more sets. This helps in cutting down the length of the workout for a while. Don’t worry about changing machines.

You should try this workout with 20 rep sets as it will help in pumping more blood into the muscle. It also works muscle fibres when you do fewer reps with heavyweights. At the end, your muscles feel full after you do alternating chest and back exercises.

3 Day Workout Week | Chest and Back Workout

This will be going to 3-4 day workout week for me. Train your legs one day and arms on Day after tomorrow. Your delts get workout from chest and back workouts. So, if you plan to skip something, they are shoulders usually. Admit that some time away from training will keep you fresh and focused when you come back for the training again.

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