Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms

Are you pregnant? Pregnancy symptoms may vary woman to woman. Not only pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are the measures to determine pregnancy but you can look for some signs and symptoms during the early days of pregnancy. And the basic symptom is none another than a missed period. Instead of periods body suffers sickness, body pain, fatigue etc.

Pregnancy symptoms

of course your body knew first about your pregnancy than the body does. And if you are an impatient type, you can find these symptoms in your body, before pregnancy tests.

Fatigue | Pregnancy symptoms

Normally, this is the most basic symptom and almost seen in every woman. High progesterone level makes you feel sleepy. Don’t feel exhausted during this phase, try to get enough sleep. Keep the temperature of your room bit decline.

Food Aversions | Pregnancy symptoms

Okay! So this is one of the most common sign or symptom, individual feel food repelled by the smell of certain aromas that starts making you irritated, and there are some items you used to enjoy earlier but suddenly you start avoiding those foods. Ginger and lemon are the great sources to soothe you up.

Pregnancy symptoms

Frequent Urination | Pregnancy symptoms

In a very short time, events of hormonal change appear during these changes raises the blood flow through kidneys.  Due to this urinary bladder fills up quickly, and more often you head to the washroom.


Nausea|Pregnancy symptoms

One of the usual symptoms is nausea, it is a morning sickness it hits up to a body after two weeks of conception but it varies woman to woman, nausea can be seen in the beginning of the second trimester, some of them are so lucky to escape throughout the nine months.

Pregnancy symptoms

Bleeding and spotting|Pregnancy symptoms

The cause of bleed or spot is not known yet but some say it is due to implantation of egg on the lining of uterus I.e. endometrium and claims that it could be implantation bleeding. Sometimes, it could be a spot of miscarriage or ectopic bleeding which leads to breathless paining and unconsciousness; you must call or visit your doctor.

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A missed period|Pregnancy symptoms

Don’t forget to track your cycle. If you are regularly heading to your periods and suddenly doesn’t arrive on time, you should decide to do a pregnancy test. And if you are not regular, nausea and frequent urination are the most common symptoms.

High basal body temperature|Pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms : During the first two weeks of pregnancy, you will find a bit change in your body temperature. You will notice elevated temperature during hot weather and exercise. Make sure drink lots of water and be cautious while doing exercise.

Pregnancy symptoms

Mood swings|Pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms : Mood swings are caused due to the high level of hormones like progesterone and estrogen.  The increment of these hormones affects your mood and makes you more reactive towards basic happenings in your life. Mood swing is the most common symptom which even leads to depression, anxiety, and irritability.

Pregnancy glow and acne|Pregnancy symptoms

The glossy appearance of your skin is due to the blending of increased blood volume and high pressure and that helps oil glands to work more effectively. Sometimes, acne can also be caused.

Bloating and constipation|Pregnancy symptoms

Bloating is a common factor both in menstruation and pregnancy. This change slows down the process of a digestive system. Eventually, constipation causes abdominal bloating.

High Blood Pressure and dizziness|Pregnancy symptoms

Dizziness is caused due to the dilation of blood vessels. And in most cases, hypertension is caused in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Track your blood level regularly. Drink enough water and eat within small intervals prevents dizziness. Try to do slow and effective exercises.

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