Different Dietary Supplements & its In-depth Benefits


Dietary supplements are typically the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, that will supply an extra amount of nutrients to your body along with the food you eat. These supplements can be in different forms including juices, tablets and also capsules.

Due to the worst quality of food as well as limited time to eat & cook have gradually made supplements an important factor in the present time. However, most people ask the following question while talking about supplements- Can a supplement replace a good diet? How effective dietary supplements are?

Dietary supplements can be created from synthetic products and even natural foods. Plus, you can find numerous fortified foods in the market that include a good amount of nutrients like milk products, fortified milk, and even fortified cereals. Natural foods normally lack nutrients.

Who said supplements only own negatives? It is completely wrong. Here, you can know every positive delivered by supplements.

You should understand that improper use or under/overuse of dietary supplements can result in many undesirable problems.

Here is a list of most effective dietary supplements:

1) Amino Acid & Protein Dietary Supplement

You can find different types of protein supplements in the market including blend protein, pea, casein, soy, and whey. All these are essential for your body because they will help you to gain strength as well as muscles, advance your weight gain/weight loss (along with specific diet), boost your immunity, the healing process of the body and even improves quality of skin & hair.

Talking about amino acids, they are constructing blocks of proteins as well as mixing amino acid dietary supplements will help the faster healing of muscle.

2) Necessary Mineral Supplements

Minerals are one of the most important elements as it helps for the appropriate working of your body. It is essential to manage the right levels of every mineral in your blood.

Some Important Mineral Supplements are as follows:

  • Iron Supplements- Iron maintains a normal haemoglobin level as well as improves muscle strength, immunity, concentration levels and even cut down fatigue.
  • Calcium Supplements- Calcium is also a significant mineral. It helps in maintaining healthy bones & teeth, muscle- contractions, good heartbeat, and enough blood calcium. And all these help in weight loss.
  • Zinc Supplements- It is required for the defense system of your body. Zinc results in strong immunity & good memory power.
  • Chromium Supplements- It increases metabolism, improves muscle growth, insulin sensitivity and helps in weight- loss, etc.
  • Iodine Supplements- Iodine helps in the producing thyroid hormones that help in regulating metabolism in your body and also helps in weight loss & brain development.
  • Potassium Supplements- Potassium regulates muscle contractions as well as balance fluid. It also fights hypertension & helps in weight loss.

3) Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin is also very important for development, growth as well as the right performance of your body.

Some of the effective Vitamin supplements are:

  • Folate (Vitamin B9) Supplements
  • Vitamin B12 Supplements
  • Biotin Supplements
  • Vitamin E & C Supplements
  • Vitamin K Supplements
  • Vitamin A Supplements

4) Fatty Acids

  • Omega 3, 6 and 9- these are very important for healthy skin & hair, heart, immunity, pregnancy and controlling cholesterol levels. Omega 3 helps in post-workout muscle recovery and even athletic performance.

5) Carbohydrate Supplements

These supplements help in meeting day-to-day carbohydrate needs.

6) Probiotics

This helps in stimulating healthy bacteria in your body, prevent allergies & diarrhea and also is best for your skin.


There are numerous other supplements namely Arginine (produce nitric oxide), Glucosamine (cure joint pain), Ginseng (enhance immunity & strength) and Coenzyme (a good antioxidant).


If used in the right way, Supplements are very helpful!!!

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