Bikini Body Workout At Home

It is always said that in this competitive world, women the most resisted sect of the society. They need to face a lot of major changes in life; physically as well as emotionally. In the walks of life, every woman goes through a lot of changes. Not only women but also men have to go through the changes. But what makes it peculiar and bikini body workout at home for the women in that these changes sometimes leave permanent impacts on them. While men have easier ways to overcome these impacts. Women try to avoid them or live with them. But they never really get rid of them.Bikini body workout at home

Out of all the other problems that we are beating around the bush about, the main issue for a woman is her body. A woman always compares herself and wants to attain that perfect body to rock the summer season that she has been waiting for. But is there really a perfect Bikini Body out there? Well here are some tips along with some exercises that can help you get that perfect body this summer and answer that question with style.

Cardio Gust –you should set three days of the week to put in a cardio exercise for at least 30 mins each. It can be running, biking, swimming, hiking or playing tennis. But the cardio per week is definitely mandatory for that summer body.bikini body workout at home are not asking you to continuously go on for 30 mins but take small breaks in between and settle your heartbeat then pump it again; this will boost the fat burning process for you.

Bikini body workout at home


Front Lifting This exercise helps you focus on thighs, glutes, calves, abs, and shoulders.

Bikini body workout at home

  • Stand with feet at shoulder-wide distance, arms by your side
  • Lift your arms up with your palms facing inward and simultaneously lift the right leg till the hip until parallel.
  • Hold for two counts and continue to a front lunge.

Leg Push/Pull This exercise helps you focus on chest, abs, back, arms and glutes.

Bikini body workout at home

  • Come down to a push-up position and draw your stomach towards your spine
  • Lift your left leg and take it to the hip level, then bend elbows and take your chest down like the ground is pulling you
  • Do this 5 times with left and right leg

Sunbath Pose This is again helping you tone out the chest, abs, back, arms and glutes

Bikini body workout at home

  • Sit with your legs in front of your toes pointed out
  • Place your hand exactly behind your chest and lean on it
  •  and hold for 2 counts, repeat 10 times

Hip Extensions This bikini body workout at home exercise helps you to tone your calves, glutes, and buttocks

Bikini body workout at home

  • Stand with feet wider than the hips
  • Extend your arms overhead with your hands clasped together
  • Lower your body into a deep squat with lowering your arms to the ground in a chop motion

Knee Throw This bikini body workout at home can help you attain a good back posture and tone your buttocks and calves

Bikini body workout at home

  • Stand on right leg
  • Bring in your left leg near your chest and hug it to flex it
  • Extend the left leg behind hip bending in the right knee and hinge forward with your hips

Triangle Push-ups Again this bikini body workout at home helps to tone your back, abs, glutes and thigh muscles

Bikini body workout at home

  • Get to a plank position with your feet slightly wider than the hips
  • Lower into a pushup maintaining a straight live from heels to head
  • Straighten arms and set right foot to the left under the left leg outside the edge of the right leg

Star Crunches Basically focuses on your abs and other tummy muscles

Bikini body workout at home

  • Lie down with your face facing the ceiling and arms and legs spread to make an “X”
  • Raise left arm and right leg off the floor keeping hips and shoulders in square
  • Try to touch your feet with your fingertips keeping head neck and shoulders straight

Leg Squat Lunge It is a lung but with modifications to it to focus on your tummy

Bikini body workout at home

  • Stand on one leg with your right knee bent in front of your hip
  • Squat down to the floor keeping right knee bent
  • Jump back with a leg in plank position with one knee bent and raised towards the ceiling

Squat with Poise Focuses on thighs glutes and obliques

Bikini body workout at home

  • Stand with arms overhead bend the left knee and lift eh left foot next to the right knee
  • Keeping right foot grounded take a big step with the left foot
  • Swoop down and curtsy over the left leg, hold for two secs and change

Hip Rotations Focuses on thighs, glutes, and obliques

Bikini body workout at home

  • Lean on your elbows behind and cup the sides of your hips with your fingers
  • Extend your legs together to a 60-degree angle keeping your lower back pressed to the ground
  • Point your toes out and inner thighs together and make 10 large clockwise then counter-clockwise circles

Double Kick Helps tone arms, thighs, glutes, and abs

Bikini body workout at home


  • Lie with your face down and clasp your hands behind or either hold a small dumbbell
  • Bend the knees and bring your shins perpendicular to the ground, toes should be pointed
  • Bring heels to glutes twice in short kicks and repeat 10 times.

Roll with Bent knee Abs & main shoulders

Bikini body workout at home


  • Sit down with knees bent and arms parallel to the ground at chest level with palms facing each other
  • Lean back to bring in abs and bend both knees to 90 degrees
  • Balance on your tailbone and hold for 5 secs repeat 10 times

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