Best Fat Burning Exercises At Home to Try and Reap Benefits

Working out is fun for many when they are exercising with their friends at the gym. However, there are some who are shy and feel de-motivated to hit the gym every day. They need not lose hope as there are simple exercises that they can try at home for losing weight. Crash diets for losing weight are not healthy. You have to put in a little effort every day for burning fat. Here are some effective fat burning exercises that you may be interested in.

Effective Fat Burning Exercises to Try Out at Home

 There is a total of 8, five minutes fat burning exercises and each exercise needs 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Inverted V Pipe:

You can do this exercise for your abs. Lie down facing downwards on the floor. Next, place the hands on the ground and balance the body on the hands and toes. Next, pull the legs towards your body and make an inverted V-shape. Push your legs away from the hands by stretching backward. Push and pull the legs out and in for 30 seconds. This exercise is for the lower back, core and the arms.

W Leg Lifts Exercise:

This exercise is for your abs and legs. Lie down on your back and fold your legs to finally lift them up and bring them close to your midrib region. Next, bring your legs down while stretching outwards and bring them towards your mid-rib region followed by raising them again. Repeat this for about 30 seconds.


This is an effective exercise for your abs, thighs and the lower back. In this exercise, you need to raise your thighs and chest off the ground while balancing yourself on your tummy. This is an effective exercise for toning your belly and you need to do it for about 30 seconds.

Jump Squats:

It is an essential cardio exercise that needs to be present in your fitness regime. It is an effective exercise for your whole body and for toning your thighs. Stand up straight with the feet at the level of the shoulder width and bend down into the perfect squat position. Come up with a jump. If you do this exercise regularly, it can help you in losing weight appreciably.

Single Leg Lift Jump:

This is another effective exercise for toning the body and losing weight. It is effective for the back portion of the thighs and core muscles. Stand straight and lift the left leg off the ground. Try touching the ground with the hands and then jump back as you wish to come up. Keep the left leg raised all along. Do this for about 30 seconds and then repeat with the other leg

Push Up Along with Knee Kick:

It is a creative variation of the conventional push-up exercise and is an effective workout for losing fat from the arms, especially the upper arm. Men should begin with the proper push-ups and women can start with the knee pushups. Lie down on your back and then balance your body on your hands and feet for doing one push up. Next, touch your right elbow with your right knee and your left elbow with your left knee. Start with the push-ups and continue with the knee-kicks and end with the push-ups. Complete this exercise in 30 seconds for building strength in the core and arms.

Bent Leg Rotating:

Raise the right bent leg to the waist and rotate the leg in circular movements while keeping the knee bent. Do this exercise for 15 seconds in the front and then repeat it at the back for 15 seconds. Repeat it for the left leg as well.


Do the skipping exercise with the skipping or jump rope for 30 seconds.

By following this fat burning regimen at home, you can lose weight fast. For best results do the workout on an empty stomach every morning.

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