The 5 Grossest Places in the Gym


No matter we love or hate the gym, nearly all of us have some sort of connection with it. In fact, around 60 million Americans go to fitness centers every year in order to improve and better their health. However, do you know that the healthy gym isn’t always… healthy?

Along with those equipment spreading more bacteria than your average toilet seat. Yes, it is bitter but your gym can indeed serve you more than just those toned muscles as well as a good sweat session. Shockingly, it can also make you sick.

Following are the 8 of the grossest places in your gym as well as the best germ-combating strategies for each of them:

1)Free Weight


The average free weight can have over 362 times more bacteria than any toilet seat.

It won’t be that surprising to you as free weight is the most used tool in your gym and have ever seen a person wiping those barbells?

Also, free weight’s hard surface serves a more favourable environment for bacteria than the fabric-covered objects.

Fight Germs: Start disinfecting those weights before using them. Plus, do not touch your face before washing your hands.

2) Cardio Equipment


You head to your gym for an excellent workout but little do you know that you may acquire more than just that.

Your treadmill has an average of 74 times more germs than a typical restroom. And these germs can cause some severe skin infections, septicemia, and pneumonia.

It is always recommended to wipe down cardio machines after every use, however, germs can remain on those machines.

Fight Germs: Clean those touch surfaces, buttons as well as handles thoroughly that too before & after use. Don’t use your hand to wipe down face sweat while you are on the machine. Use a clean towel instead. Also, wash your hands instantly after your workout.

3) Water Bottle


Carrying your own bottle does not mean that your bottle will be germ-free. Using your bottle during your workout will transfer all those germs to your bottle which you will ultimately consume.

Fight Germs: Pick a reusable bottle with a twist-off top. You should avoid using built-in-straw and even pull-up. Fill up water from your home and ensure to wash your bottle every day to avoid bacteria growth,

4) Gym Bag


Your gym bag literally bears many abuses. It carries not only your sweaty clothes but also your smelly shoes that are dumped on the floor every now and then. You should know that your gym bag is a hotspot for bacteria.

Fight Germs: Pick a plastic/vinyl bag as it germs do not attract to these materials. Place your dirty shoes and clothes in a different compartment. You can carry them in a separate plastic bag.

Use a disinfectant wipe to clean your gym bag both inside & out.

5) Towels


All those laundered gym towels may seem clean to you but actually, they are not! Most gyms use the same hamper to carry both dirty & clean towels. This clearly means that you are unknowingly transferring lot bacteria to your body.

Fight Germs: Bring your towel from home as well as mark a small “x” using a permanent marker on any of the sides and that side should be in contact with gym machines. And, you should bring a different towel to wipe down your face sweat.


Now, be a little careful when you go to your gym the next time!!!


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